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Begin the harp with clive Morley harps

So, you've decided to take up the harp. Or maybe its time to upgrade your current harp, or move from lever harp to pedal harp (or vice versa!). Congratulations.

Whatever harp you are looking for, we can help.

Which Harp?

Have a look at the Harps or Antique Harps in our online shop. If you need more information about the differences between our range of harps, you can see Our Lever Harps and Our Pedal Harps compared at a glance. If you need help deciding between a lever and pedal harp, Which Harp is Right for Me? will get you started. For in depth information about the difference between lever and pedal harps, see our article, What Type of Harp is Right for Me?

Of course, if you need any further help, just contact us. We are always happy to talk about harps.

Buy or Rent?

Many of our harps are available to hire for an initial period. We hire out new harps, from stock, so there are no long waiting lists.

Harp Hire Information

For those wanting to buy their harp, we offer various Finance Options. We are pleased to be part of the Take it Away Scheme (for up to 25 years of age) and the Assisted Purchase Scheme (for LEA maintained school students).

We usually have Second Hand Harps in stock. These are listed on our online shop.

Not Sure? Want to Try a Harp First?

You are welcome to visit us at our showrooms in Filkins, near Lechlade and try out our harps to your heart's content. There is usually a harpist on site who will gladly demonstrate our harps for you - though if you do want to hear any harp being played, its best to contact us first to check a harpist is around, if you are travelling any distance.

We also offer regular Hands on the Harp and Feet on Pedals sessions. Hands on the Harp are for complete beginners who would like the opportunity to get a feel for whether the harp might be the instrument for them. Feet on Pedals is a chance for new harpists to take their playing forward in a gentle environment.

We also offer harp lessons. Please contact us for information.

Keep Harping On
Once you have your new harp, we can help with recommending insurance providers and teachers.

We provide accessories, sheet music and strings in our online shop.

Our monthly servicing studios will keep your harp in great shape and, if something dreadful should happen, our skilled harp technicians can repair any damage.

Further Information
Want to know how to change a harp string? How to amplify a harp? How travel with a harp? Our Articles and Information have these - any many more - questions covered.

Still got a question? Just let us know. We are here to help.

Clive Morley Harps Brochure