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Assisted Purchase

The Assisted Purchase Scheme enables pupils having music lessons at LEA-maintained schools and / or county music orchestra ensembles to purchase musical instruments without paying VAT.

How Does the Scheme Work?

Once the parent/pupil has chosen an instrument and supplier, they should ask the school to place a formal order with the retailer.

The parent pays the school the ex-VAT price for the instrument plus any administrative charge.

The retailer supplies the instrument to the school.

The school can reclaim the VAT on the instrument in the usual way.

The school then gives the instrument to the student.

What Are the Rules?

The Student must be at an LEA-maintained school.

The School (or LEA) must place an order for the instrument, take delivery and be invoiced (enabling them to recover the VAT).

The transaction between the student and school must take place on school premises in a room that is normally used for teaching.

The instrument must be appropriate to the student’s needs and abilities.

The instrument must be portable and taken to school on a regular weekly basis for use during lessons.

The LEA must sell the instrument to the school at or below cost.

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