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Harp Servicing

We hold regular monthly servicing studios where we offer regulation, servicing, repair and restoration.

Follow this link for a list of Harp Technicians.

Regulation and Adjustment

The harp combines wood and metals with an off-centre stress, which can exceed 1600lbs. This stress will, sooner or later, inevitably result in some movement in the harp’s structure. This is perfectly natural and a small amount of movement is to be expected in any harp. However, even a miniscule movement will change the position of pedal discs or levers and cause the harp to become out of tune with itself when the disc or lever is engaged. A harp technician will re-adjust the discs or levers so that the harp is once again in tune.

Harp servicing


Eventually, some small parts need to be replaced or serviced. We are able to offer the following:

  • Pedal Wrapping
  • De-Buzzing
  • Re-Rivetting Pedal Harp Actions
  • Re-Stringing
  • Servicing Tuning Pins (removed, cleaned, re-blued and oiled)
  • Servicing Bridge Pins ( removed, cleaned and re-lacquered)
  • Servicing Semitone Levers (levers need different treatment according to make: these include cleaning, re-lacquering, oiling and adjustment.)


We are able to offer a complete harp re-stringing service. Strings are sold at a 10% discount (already included in octave sets) and labour charged at £40 per hour.A full size 47 string pedal with Top and 1st Octave in Bow Brand Concert Nylon, then Bow Brand Pedal Gut Strings and Bow Brand Concert Bass Wires - takes approx 2 hours to completely restring and allow for say at least 6 subsequent tunings over a couple of days to allow harp to settle and stretch to be removed from strings. The total cost for this would be around £517 Inc VAT  (This includes the 2 hours labour charged at £40 per hour).Should a harp fail during a re-string due to a structural fault, Clive Morley Harps accepts no responsability / liability.  Customers must understand that old antique harps such as Erard Grecian and Gothic harps may have used animal bone based glues, which can over time crystalise and weaken. This can lead to necks de-laminating at joints and soundboards peeling off , etc....


We are able to offer both structural and cosmetic repairs to damaged harps. We will also be able to tell you if your damaged harp is not repairable.

Restoration and Decoration

We can arrange restoration of antique and older harps to your own specification – either cosmetic restoration for decorative purposes, or complete restoration to full playing order. All restoration is undertaken by experienced, qualified craftspeople. Services include:

  • Respraying
  • Scratch Repair
  • Casework Renovation
  • Polishing
  • Re-Gilding
  • Replacement of Worn or Damaged Parts
  • New Decoration

In addition, we can supply small parts for your own restoration projects. Please contact us for prices and information on how to order.

Here is an article about a fine Single Action Concert Harp by Egan of Dublin, now owned by the Irish Linen Centre and Lisburn Museum. Clive Morley Harps were instrumental in restoring it from a deteriorated condition to peak recital standard.