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Articles & Information

The Harp

Definition of the Harp

What Type of Harp is Right for Me?

What Should I Look For When Choosing a Harp?

Is the Harp Hard to Play?

Harp Tuning

How are Harps Tuned?
Identifies string names and how semi-tones are achieved on the lever and pedal harp.

Lever Positions for the Three Main Tunings

How to set your levers to play in the key you need, when your harp is tuned in C, E Flat or A Flat.

How to Tune Using an Electronic Tuner

How to Tune By Ear in Octaves

Equal Temperament
Explains why your harp is meant to be ever so slightly out of tune.

Harp Strings

Harp String Compass in a Nutshell
Quickly helps you to decode what those string compass shorthands mean.

How to Identify Harp Strings
An in depth look at string terminology and how to order the string that you want.All About String

Spacing and Tension
What they mean to you and your harp playing.

How to Change a Harp String
Every harpist is going to need to be able to change a string. Follow our step-by-step instructions for re-stringing without tears!

String Breakage
Harp strings break – often for no apparent reason. Find out how to reduce string breakage and whether or not a regularly broken string should be a cause for concern.

Stringing Scales
Find out how to measure the thickness of your harp strings to be certain that you are using the correct replacement string.

Learning the Harp

Can I Teach Myself?

A few words about learning the harp, if you are considering teaching yourself.

Find a Harp Teacher
Let us put you in touch with your local harp teacher.

I Can’t Find a Teacher – What Shall I Do?
Advice on teaching yourself if you can’t find a harp teacher in your area.

Hands on the Harp Workshops
Regular workshops for beginners at Morley Harps.

Feet on Pedals Workshops
Introduction to pedal harp workshops Morley Harps.

Help Choosing Exam Pieces
Sample performance videos for Associated Board and Trinity Guildhall grade exams.

Harp Care and Maintenence

How Should I Store my Harp?

How Should I Transport my Harp?

Harps and Humidity

How do I Regulate My Dusty Strings Harp?

Adjusting Antique Erard Harps

Adjusting Modern Concert Harps

Changing Pedal Harp Discs

How Should I Take Care of My Harp’s Pedals?

How To Re-Cover Pedals

Historical Harp Resources

Historical Sheet Music

Historical Documents

Historical Images

Harp Therapy Resources

An Introduction to Harp Therapy

A Harp Therapy Workshop Held at Clive Morley Harps

Harps for Harp Therapy

Links to External Harp Therapy Websites

Amplification and Recording Resources

An Introduction to Recording The Harp

A Guide to Using Microphones to Amplify The Harp

How to Fit a Contact Microphone

Ralf Kleemann – Mobile Harp Recording

Traveling With the Harp

Have Harp, Will Travel Part 1

Have Harp, Will Travel Part 2

Harp People Blog

A series of interviews with people making a niche for themselves within the harp world.

Anja Bakker – From Here to Santiago

Ralf Kleemann – Mobile Harp Recording

Amanda Whiting – The Background Harpist

Further Resources

Links to External Harp Related Websites

Books on the Harp

The Harp in Literature

Famous Amateur Harpists

The Harp in Modern Rock and Pop Music

Harpists in Modern Rock and Pop Music