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Harp Hire

Hiring an instrument is the easiest and safest way to begin playing the harp.

It enables you to discover the pleasures of playing with the minimum financial outlay.  For many parents, rental can reduce the risk of directly purchasing an instrument when they are unsure their children will take to the harp.

At Clive Morley Harps, we rent both brand new and second hand instruments that are available in stock at our showrooms. This means that there are no lengthy waiting lists to join.*

Most lever harps are available to rent. Minimum rental period to rent a brand new lever harp is 12 months. Second hand or ex-rental harps are sometimes available with shorter minimum rental periods.

Pedal harp rental is available - these tend to be ex-rental instruments.  Minimum rental period is 6 months.

Download our price lists for more information regarding rental prices for Lever Harps or Pedal Harps.

How To Hire Your Harp

To make an enquiry about hiring an instrument, you may contact us by phone (01367 860 493), email or general enquiry form.

Once we have confirmed that we can meet your requirements, you will just need to complete our rental agreement form and bankers order form. We reserve the right to perform a credit check.  Provided all checks and documentation are completed you will then be able to rent your harp and can arrange delivery if required.  Normally this can be completed in store and you can take the harp away with you or at distance by phone, email and post where turnaround time tends to be 5 working days.

N.B: Harp rental is only available to customers in England, Scotland and Wales.

Buying Your Hired Harp

New Lever Harps

    • At the option of the company, at the end of the first three months’ rental period we would offer a credit of three rental payments.
    • At the option of the company, at the end of the first year, we would offer eight months’ rental payments.
    • At the option of the company, at the end of the second year, we would offer twelve months’ rental payments.

After which, no further increase in credits will be available.

Summary of the Rental Terms and Conditions

(full details provided with contract)

1. Harps must be insured by the hirer. 2. At the end of the rental period instruments must be returned at the hirer’s expense by approved transport. 3. Subject to conditions of agreement. (Strings when broken to be replaced at hirer’s expense). 4. Customers to return harps to our workshops for any repairs / regulation work required. 5. To make rental agreement, the hirer needs to sign both banker’s order and rental agreement forms.