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Rental Harps In Stock - New

The following new rental harps are in stock in our showroom and we endeavour to keep this list up to date, but, very occasionally, a harp may have just been sold and is awaiting removal from the list. 

Salvi Juno 27 from £45 / month
Salvi Mia 34 from £70 / month
Salvi Una 38 from £110 / month
Dusty Strings Ravenna 26 from £60 / month
Dusty Strings Ravenna 34 from £90 / month
Dusty Strings Crescendo 34 from £130 / month
Lyon & Healy Ogden 34 Gut from £110 / month
Elysian Hempson 34 from £55 / month

This is how our rental system works:-
1) Minimum period rental on a new harp is 12 months
2) Initial non-refundable payment in advance is 3 times the monthly rental amount
3) Subsequent monthly rentals are paid at start of each month
4) Harps can be collected or delivery costs would typically be £120
5) If you decided you wanted to buy the harp at any one time, you can. Atthe option of the company we allow 8 rental payments to be used as a credit towards purchase at the 12 month period (up to 12 if you rented for 2 years)which we would deduct from the cost price should you wish to purchase the harp.
6) We would require you to sign a rental agreement, bankers order, setup a standing order for the rentals etc. It is a fairly simple process which we initiate from here.

Please contact us to enquire about renting one of these harps. If the harp you would like to rent is not on this list, please  contact us.  The prices shown are for the initial payment.