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We supply best quality gut, synthetic gut, nylon and bass wire harp strings for all lever and pedal harps. Strings are available individually and also in octave or full sets. There is a 10% discount on harp string octaves and full sets when ordered via our web shop.

If you know the harp string you require, please follow the Harp Strings by String Type link below. If you would like help choosing the correct strings for your Aoyama, Elysian, Dusty Strings, Heartland, Triplett, Noteworthy, antique Grecian or Gothic harp, please follow the Harp Strings By Harp Type link below.

If the manufacturer of your harp is unable to tell you the string you require, then using a Stringing Scale can help us to supply you with the correct string.

Need help working out which harp string you need? See our article on identifying harps strings in depth.