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The Harp Hub - New Teacher and Student Website

Anna Dunwoodie, Danielle Perrett and Eleanor Parker are about to launch  The Harp Hub - a new online resource for teachers and students. They are asking harpists to submit teaching videos for the website.

This is what they say about the call for videos:

"The Harp Hub is a new website we are developing to be used as a resource for students and teachers alike. And we’d like to ask you to submit one or more of your handy technique hints, videoed, to be displayed on the website.

The website is not ‘live’ yet - we have the skeleton, but need you to help us flesh it out and give it a variety of personalities.
This is the brainchild of Anna Dunwoodie, Danielle Perrett and Eleanor Turner – some of you know some or all of us, and our work, and we know your work! We’d like to create an online harp community resource where harpists can browse and select the area they would like to improve, and then have a choice of snippets of teaching from different harpists …. All around the world!

There will be areas on the website to submit videos of up to 1 minute in duration (we recognise that this is a challenge to condense our teaching into 1 minute, but a clear, succinct chunk of technique can give the student much to work on), in any of the areas of harp technique …. If you create a video, we will create a tab to store it under. We’re asking for just one video on each subject from each harpist/teacher so no one person dominates an area. If at a later stage you decide you want your video removed, or want to update your tip, we will be happy to oblige.

Some technique ideas we had ….. harmonics, lever/pedal changes, cross fingering, sliding thumb/4th, scales, arpeggios etc etc, also harp notation, tips on tuning, changing strings, enharmonic keys, tips for smart practise and everything and anything else in between – if you have a great teaching tip – please share! We also will have a section devoted to tips for beginners.

The deadline for submitting videos is May 25, but you are welcome to start sending as soon as you like. Please indicate (by return email) if you wish to post a video and I’ll send you the standard ‘permission to post’ agreement to show you have agreed to our posting your video, and our rules.

There are some rules….. (which will also be displayed on the website)
*No video is to exceed the time limit of 60 seconds. Please only submit one sixty second video per subject.
*Please make sure there is no inappropriate language, behaviour, or clothing in your video
*Please acknowledge performer/teacher and composer (if appropriate) of your excerpt, and make sure you have permission of the performer (must be over 18) before you submit a video. If we are concerned that a performer could be under 18 – proof of age may be requested.
* While we don’t need a Carnegie Hall venue performance, please make every effort to have visually and audibly clear performance. You don’t need to show your face, or the performer’s face – the angle at which you film this is up to you – but hands and strings must be clear to see.
* If you would like to post videos, and have viewers able to contact you, please send your website address, otherwise you can post anonymously. We will not display your contact details – email or website – without your permission (via email). Please give permission if you would like to be listed on our ‘Contributors’ page on the website, and whether you would like contact to be available via email or website
* Your video will be posted onto our Youtube channel and linked to this website. The Harp Hub cannot be held responsible for feedback and comments place on the Youtube channel. If there are any offensive comments, we will endeavour to remove them as soon as possible. If you see anything unusual, offensive or inappropriate on this website, or the Youtube channel, please inform us, and we will remedy this as best we can.
*The Harp Hub reserves the right to refuse any videos if they do not meet the criteria listed above.

At any time you can ask us to remove, or replace one of your videos, and we will do so, though … if it is getting lots of views and positive feedback, we may initiate a conversation with you regarding this video. Please note also that if we remove it from the website, and the Youtube channel, it may still be floating around somewhere in the matrix, but that we have done all we can to remove it from our sites.

Disclaimer: The Harp Hub does not endorse any one teacher or method of teaching. By making available a range of teaching techniques, we hope you will find something to improve your harping."

We look forward to hearing back from you,

Yours sincerely,

Anna, Eleanor and Danielle
[email protected]

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