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Clive Morley Collection

At the end of the nineteenth century, 56 Old Brompton Road (then Sussex Place) in London was the meeting place for harpists from all over the world. From this address, John George Morley made and repaired harps and sold music and strings. His wife Cecilia, herself a harpist, was the dedicatee of many compositions and received presents and tributes from many a famous musician. Together they collected a huge library of important music and this was handed down to John Sebastian Morley and his wife Betty, and thence to Clive Morley.

These Editions
Many early editions were only printed in limited subscription issues and are not generally known. The intention is to make these rare editions available to all harpists, be they beginners, students or professional soloists. Most are printed in facsimile and on fine paper. Several of the books of historical writings on the harp are available as downloads.