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Salvi Mia 34 BioCarbon Sipario

Harp strings for Salvi Mia 34 harp, with Sipario BioCarbon option

Starts on 1st Octave A - 6th Octave C.

Sipario BioCarbon         1st Octave A - 5th Octave D

Bow Brand Tarnish Proof Lever Wires       5th Octave C - 6th Octave C

SIPARIO BIOCARBON® lever synthetic strings are made using a blend of a bio-plastic derived from sugar-cane; they deliver a powerful and bright tone that provides superior acoustic projection and sustain. Color-coded Cs and Fs.

Recently developed by Aquila strings for harps. These are not traditional Nylon, nor Fluorocarbon strings. They are a marvelous bio-plastic developed in Northern Italy a couple of years ago. The density is same of gut hence the gauges are the same of gut strings. The moisture absorption is more or less 30 times less than nylon strings; more or less 300 times less than gut.