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New Servicing Studio Dates 2013

  • 25th June (servicing, regulation, repair, restoration)
  • 23rd July (servicing, regulation, repair)
  • 27th August (servicing, regulation, repair, restoration)
  • 24th September (servicing, regulation, repair)
  • 22nd October (servicing, regulation, repair, restoration)
  • 26th November (servicing, regulation, repair)
  • 17th December (servicing, regulation, repair, restoration)

Harps need periodic care from a trained technician to keep them in good working order. We advise every year for pedal harps and every two to three years for lever harps.

After a free estimate, any necessary work will be carried out by a fully trained harp technician. We offer regulation and adjustment (tuning); servicing and replacement of small parts; repair; restoration and decoration.

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