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FH 34 S Nylon

Note: Strings #22-26 are NOT the same between the FH34 and the FH34S model harps.

The "Staved Back"  FH 34 S has a slightly lower string tension / thinner strings than the Ravenna 34, Crescendo 34 and  hybrid back FH 34 models.

N.B. Strings are counted down from the top (high end) of the harp.

1AFirstNylon Monofilament.025"
2GFirstNylon Monofilament.025"
3FFirstNylon Monofilament.025" Blue
4ESecondNylon Monofilament.025"
5DSecondNylon Monofilament.025"
6CSecondNylon Monofilament.028" Red
7BSecondNylon Monofilament.028"
8ASecondNylon Monofilament.028"
9GSecondNylon Monofilament.028"
10FSecondNylon Monofilament.032" Blue
11EThirdNylon Monofilament.032"
12DThirdNylon Monofilament.032"
13CThirdNylon Monofilament.036" Red
14BThirdNylon Monofilament.036"
15AThirdNylon Monofilament.036"
16GThirdNylon Monofilament.036"
17FThirdNylon Monofilament.040" Blue
18EFourthNylon Monofilament.040"
19DFourthNylon Monofilament.045"
20CFourthNylon Monofilament.050" Red
21BFourthNylon Monofilament.055"
22AFourthNylon Wound with Nylon Core
23GFourthNylon Wound with Nylon Core
24FFourthNylon Wound with Nylon CoreBlue
25EFifthNylon Wound with Nylon Core
26DFifthNylon Wound with Nylon Core
27CFifthWire Wound with Steel CoreNo. 27 Steel / Wire 5C
28BFifthWire Wound with Steel CoreNo. 28 Steel / Wire 5B
29AFifthWire Wound with Steel CoreNo. 29 Steel / Wire 5A
30GFifthWire Wound with Steel CoreNo. 30 Steel / Wire 5G
31FFifthWire Wound with Steel CoreNo. 31 Steel / Wire 5F
32ESixthWire Wound with Steel CoreNo. 32 Steel / Wire 6E
33DSixthWire Wound with Steel CoreNo. 33 Steel / Wire 6D
34CSixthWire Wound with Steel CoreNo. 34 Steel / Wire 6C

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