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trinity guildhall Pedal Harp grade 6 SyllaBUS 2016-2019


Three pieces are to be played. Instead of one item, candidates may offer their own composition.J S Bach/Piana - Prelude in C minor for Lute BWV999 from La Lyre d’Orphée 2: Bach and his WorldJ S Bach - Etude 3 from Etudes for HarpBleicher - Harp Ascending from Pedal Harp WorldBritten - Interlude from A Ceremony of Carols

Byrd - Pavana from Anthology of English Music 1
Deere-Jones - Loch Coruisk RhapsodyFrancois - Sweet Horsefood Ballad from Happy HoursGodefroid - Divin Calme no. 4 from Pensées Musicales book 1Godefroid - Hymne à la Paix no. 6 from Pensées Musicales book 1Godefroid - Le Roseau no. 2 from Pensées Musicales book 1Kanga - Susann’s Song from Harp SongbookMaruka - Meditation on a Medieval CarolMancini/Cauffman - The Pink Panther

Morley - Alman from Anthology of English Music 1Naderman - Allegro Disperato (without Prelude) from Sonata No. 6 in from 7 Sonates progessives
Omer - The Forest of White Leaves from Pedal Harp World
Parish Alvars/Piana - Moderato no. 6 from 12 Favorite AirsPosse - Lied Ohne Worte from 5 Kleine CharacterstückePosse - Wellenspiel from 5 Kleine CharacterstückeRobinson & Whiting - Taffs Well Latin Quarter from Intermediate Jazz & Blues for HarpRobinson & Whiting - Tea at the Ritz from Intermediate Jazz & Blues for Harp
Rothstein - Solitude from Three MoodsSimpson - An October Waltz from Pedal Harp World
Snell - Bizarre WaltzStadler - Dance of the Sandpiper [pedal harp version, p. 50] from New Shoots - Old RootsTaylor - Shadows in the Mist from Pedal Harp WorldTournier - Berceuse

Tournier - Prelude 2 or 4 from Quatre Preludes

Trad/Deere-Jones - CascaronVolpé Bligh - Fall in Vancouver from Solos for Lever or Pedal Harp

Technical Work

Either Scales, Arpeggios and Exercises or Studies as specified in Harp Studies and Exercises

Supporting Tests

Two tests are to be chosen from:
Musical Knowledge
Sight Reading