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Silent Night - Download - 4 part ensemble - Stephen Dunstone

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Silent Night - Download - 4 part ensemble - Stephen DunstoneListen to a recording of Silent Night by Stephen Dunstone.

MUSIC SAMPLE - View Silent Night by Stephen Dunstone.

Suitable For : Lever / Pedal Harp
Genre : Contemporary Harp Ensemble
Ability Level : Easy - Intermediate
Format : PDF as a Zipped File Download

Iíve presented this as a duet, but I have performed it with various groups of
different sizes and mixed abilities. Anyone who doesnít feel they can manage
everything can just join in with the Rondo Theme whenever it appears and play
the harmony in the Interludes, or take the harmony throughout.

The Complete Set includes this score and the following parts: Harp 1, Harp 2,
Melodies only, Harmony only, and a Simplified Harmony part. Players who donít
need the extra flexibility and just want to perform the piece as it stands here in the
score need only make separate purchases of the Score and the Harp 1 and Harp 2

The piece isnít fiendishly difficult, but it does romp along quite fast, and the
fingering Iíve suggested (indicated by tails up for right hand and tails down for
left, where relevant) does keep both hands in play and facilitate the appropriate

There are more parts here than in the printed version, as I'm aware that some players prefer to be able to stick
to just the melodies or just the harmonies.  The original version made it "fair" for everyone, so they all got
some harmony and some melody, but here I've given you extra "just melodies" and "just harmony" parts, as download alternatives.