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Ravenna 26 Black Finish Full Package - in Stock - 23695

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In Stock

An affordable, bright toned, travel harp packed with innovative features.

£ 2,150.00
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  1. #Ravenna 26#
    Ravenna 26 Mid-Sized Lever Harp

    An affordable travel harp packed with innovative features.

    The compact size, light weight, adjustable playing position and rich, satisfying tone, makes the Ravenna 26 perfect for the travelling harp player.

    The clever design and construction techniques of the Ravenna 26 allow Dusty Strings to incorporate more features than are usually found in harps in this price range. These features include a stave-back soundbox for greater playing comfort and a built-in leg which drops smoothly into place for the ultimate in convenient and adjustable playing support. Together with Dusty Strings' characteristic bright, full sound; tuning stability; even string tension; modern styling and meticulous craftsmanship, these unique features make the Ravenna 26 a great value harp.

    The Ravenna 26 comes in three versions:

    Full Package: Ravenna 26 (with full set of levers) + deluxe carry bag + studio stand + internal drop down leg
    Basic Bag: Ravenna 26 (with full set of levers) + basic carry bag - contact us for price
    Solo: Ravenna 26 (with full set of levers) - contact us for price
  2. #At a Glance#
    Ravenna 26 At a Glance

    Maker Dusty Strings
    Type Lever / Travel Harp
    String Type Nylon
    Dusty Strings
    Ability Level
    Height without leg extended: 98cm;
    Maximum height with leg extended: 128cm
    Weight 6.3kg
    Compass 26 strings (G1 - C5)*
    Soundbox: laminated Birch with a choice of: Standard
    (Light Ash with Black Veneer) / Black / Burgundy / Green Finish

    *compass explained
  3. #Videos#
    Ravenna 26 Videos

  4. #Included#

    Included with the Ravenna 26 Full Package

    Studio Stand
    Deluxe Carry Bag
    Internal Drop Down Leg
    Tuning Key

    Included with the Ravenna 26 Basic Bag

    Basic Carry Bag
    Tuning Key

    Included with the Ravenna 26 Solo

    Tuning Key

  5. #Extras#
    Ravenna 26 Optional Extras

    These can be fitted onto the case, to enable it to be carried on the back like a rucksack.

    Using four carefully placed piezo pickup elements connected to a central rod, the Dusty Harp Pickup achieves a clean, focused, natural and lush sound. The pickup is discreetly mounted inside the soundbox of the harp, invisible to the audience. A single jack mounted on the back of the harp connects straight into a guitar amp or PA, making for true plug and play ease of use. The Internal Pick Up can be supplied pre-fitted, or can be retro-fitted. As of August 2012 all new Ravenna harps come with a pre-drilled, capped hole on the lower back of the harp, making it simple to retro-fit a pick-up, if desired:

    Internal Pick Up for Ravenna 26: £240

    Pre-fitted Internal Pick-Up: £340
  6. #Brochures#

    Ravenna 26 Brochures

    Ravenna 26 PDF Brochure
    Ravenna 26 User Guide

  7. #Hire#
    Hire the Ravenna 26 Full Package

    Hire for £60.00 GBP per month
    Initial Payment: £180.00 GBP
    Credit towards purchase at 12 Months: £480.00 GBP
    Cost of harp new: £2150.00
    Purchase Option @ 12 months = £1,670

    This is how our rental system works:-
    1) Minimum period rental on a new harp is 12 months
    2) Initial non-refundable payment in advance is 3 times the monthly rental amount
    3) Subsequent monthly rentals are paid at start of each month
    4) Harps can be collected or delivery costs would typically be £120
    5) If you decided you wanted to buy the harp at any one time, you can. At the option of the company we allow 8 rental payments to be used as a credit towards purchase at the 12 month period. At the end of 2 years there is a maximum rental credit of 12 rental payments. We would deduct these rental credits from the cost price should you wish to purchase the harp.
    6) We would require you to sign a rental agreement, bankers order, setup a standing order for the rentals etc. It is a fairly simple process which we initiate from here.
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