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Aoyama Princess Sakura Pedal Harp

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Call us on +44 (0)1367 860493 or email [email protected] for availability of this harp.
  1. #Princess Sakura#
    Princess Sakura Recital Pedal Harp

    Fit for royalty - and the most demanding harpist!

    Exquisite cherry blossom decoration set against a rich natural walnut finish certainly makes this harp stand out from the crowd.

    Yet the Princess Sakura is not just a pretty face. Aoyama has created a harp that is a joy to play, with quick articulation and a light and responsive action.

    Any harpist who is constantly on the move with their harp will also be delighted at how light the Princess Sakura is on her feet. This harp features a full 47 string compass and extended soundboard, yet weighs a mere 28.8kg - about 15% lighter than standard concert harps.

    Even better, innovative new construction techniques have allowed Aoyama to significantly reduce the weight and frame size without compromising on the sound quality: The Princess Sakura retains a warm, vibrant and full tone with clear, balanced projection.

    The Princess Sakura is aslo available without the cherry blossom decoration. The undecorated version is known as the Aeolian 47.

  2. #At a Glance#
    Princess Sakura - At a Glance

    Maker Aoyama
    Type Compact, Light Weight Recital Harp
    String Type Nylon in Treble, Gut in Mid-Range, Wire in Bass
    Ability Level Intermediate - Advanced
    Height 178.5cm
    Soundboard Width
    Weight 28.8kg
    Compass 47 strings (G0 - C7)*
    Soundboard Extended
    Finishes Natural Walnut with Pink and Gold Cherry Blossom Decoration

    *compass explained
  3. #Included With This Harp#
    Included with the Princess Sakura

    Dust Cover
    Tuning Key
  4. #Brochure#
    Princess Sakura - Brochure