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Prairie Dogs for Three Harps - Download - Stephen Dunstone

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Prairie Dogs for Three Harps - Download - Stephen DunstoneListen to a recording of Prairie Dogs for Three Harps by Stephen Dunstone.

MUSIC SAMPLE - View Two Pages of Prairie Dogs

Suitable For : Lever / Pedal Harp
Genre : Contemporary
Ability Level : Easy
Format : PDF as a Zipped File Download

A couple of points: the 3 parts in this score are organized so that everyone gets
a go at the tune, the accompaniment, and at least one of the swung countermelodies.
However, you should feel free to switch things around, depending on the numbers of
harpists playing and their experience: for example, less experienced players might
prefer to stay on the tune, while others play the trickier passages. To this end I
have produced parts for harps 1, 2 & 3 to match the score, and also a separate part
that shows all the different motifs, to suit players who are going to swap motifs around.

You'll also notice that there are no dynamic markings.  This is because the dynamics will
need to vary according to how many players are on each part. Essentially the piece is
lively and strong, with a lighter 3rd verse.