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Non-Pedal Harp Grade 3

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THREE PIECES: one chosen by the candidate from each of the three Lists, A, B and C:



Bernard Andrès Gavotte from Automates

Anon Welsh Llwyn Onn (The Ash Grove) (pp. 20–22) from Medieval to Modern, Vol. 2,ed. Milligan

Bochsa Rondo: Le Garçon Volage from ‘Air and Rondo’ (pp. 4–6) Medieval to Modern, Vol. 2, ed. Milligan 

Clarke Chaconne No. 4 from Y Telynor Clasurol (The Classical Harpist), arr. Powell

Handel Allegro or Sonatina No. 7 or No. 5 from Y Telynor Clasurol (The Classical Harpist), arr. Powell

Skaila Kanga Country Dance No. 2 from Miniatures (harp 1 part) 

Pässler Rondo No. 3 from Short Pieces from the Masters, arr. Grandjany


Anon. Scottish A’ Bheairt-Fhioda (A Weaving Lilt) from A Harper’s Pleasure, arr. Mieras

Bartók Triplets or Five-tone Scale: No. 11 or No. 12 from Mikrokosmos arr. Marzuki 

Grandjany Barcarolle: No. 3 from Trois petites Pièces très faciles, Op. 7 (may be played in C)

Stewart Green Blistering Rock!, from Blistering Along!

Susann McDonald Alpine Waltz from Harp Solos, Vol. 3 by McDonald and Wood 

Buxton Orr No. 2 from Three Diatonic Preludes


Ank van Campen Tutor for the Celtic Harp: Scale-Study No. 4, p. 47

Jean-Michel Damase 10 Etudes Faciles et Progressives: No. 1 or No. 2

Carlo Grossi Etude No. 22 from Les Plaisirs de la Harpe, Vol. 1, ed. Géliot

Pozzoli Studi Media Difficoltà: No. 1 

Scales and Arpeggios

Scales and Arpeggios Grades 1-5 for Non-Pedal Harp


Specimen Sight-Reading Tests from The Associated Board

Listen to samples of these pieces
£ 8.00
A Harper's Pleasure - Isobel Mieras Suitable For : Lever Harp
Genre : Tradtional Scottish
Ability Level : Easy / Intermediate
£ 15.00
Automates pour harpe by Bernard AndresSuitable For : Lever / Pedal Harp
Genre : Harp Music
Ability Level : Intermediate
£ 24.00
Medieval To Modern Volume 2: Repertoire for the Troubadour - Samuel MilliganSuitable For : Lever / (Pedal) Harp
Genre : Classical
Ability Level : Easy / Intermediate
£ 28.50
Mikrokosmos For Harp - Bela BartokSuitable For : Lever / Pedal Harp
Genre : Classical
Ability Level : Easy / Intermediate
£ 15.00
Short Pieces From The Masters - Marcel GrandjanySuitable For : Lever / Pedal Harp
Genre : Classical
Ability Level : Easy
£ 9.50
Specimen Sight-Reading Tests / ABRSM - Skaila KangaSuitable For : Pedal / Lever
Genre : Reference / Sight Reading
Ability Level : Easy / Advanced
£ 17.00
Studi di Media Difficolta - PozzoliSuitable For : Pedal Harp
Genre : Studies
Ability Level : Intermediate
£ 8.00
Trois petites pièces très faciles pour la harpe Op. 7 - Marcel GrandjanySuitable For : Pedal Harp
Genre : Student Harp Music
Ability Level : Easy
£ 20.00
Tutor for the Celtic Harp  Vol 1 - Ank Van CampenSuitable For : Lever Harp
Genre : Tutor
Ability Level : Beginner / Intermediate
£ 9.50
Y Telynor Clasurol / The Classical Harpist - Christopher PowellSuitable For : Lever / Pedal Harp
Genre : Classical
Ability Level : Easy / Intermediate