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Musa 47 Pedal Harp

(Code: harpmusa47)
Call us on +44 (0)1367 860493 or email [email protected] for availability of this harp.
  1. #Musa 47#
    Musa 47 Grand Pedal Harp

    A Noble Tradition.

    A grand concert harp designed for a powerful, beautiful and soft sound. The accuracy of the action gives a swift response to light pedal movements, matching the pedalling requirements of even the most demanding music. The elegant hand carving on natural wood demonstrates the commitment of Aoyama's craftsmen.

    An extra wide extended soundboard is available as a special order. This innovation provides a continuation of the soundboard extension into the treble section. This increases the surface area of the soundboard to enhance tone and sound projection.

    The Musa 47 is also available with a light action as a special order. Please contact us for details and price.
  2. #At a Glance#
    Musa 47 - At a Glance

    Maker Aoyama
    Type Grand Pedal Harp
    String Type Gut and Wire in Bass
    Ability Level Advanced
    Height 188cm
    Soundboard Width
    Weight Maple 36 kg / Walnut 35 kg
    Compass 47 strings (G0 - C7)*
    Soundboard Extended
    Finishes  Maple / Walnut

    *compass explained
  3. #Videos#
    Musa 47 - Videos

  4. #Included with this Harp#
    Included with the Musa 47

    Dust Cover
    Tuning Key
  5. #Brochure#
    Musa 47 - Brochure

    Download Musa 47 Brochure