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lever Harps

Lap Harps

These are small harps for children, as well as adult harpists who would like an easily portable instrument that can be played balanced on the lap. Smaller harps are increasing in popularity and many pieces arranged for 22 string harp are being published. These harps are ideal for harp therapy, busking, travelling and practising.

Zephyr 22

A travel harp is designed with size and portability as the main consideration.

Make: Triplett; Height: 71cm; Weight: 2kg

County Kerry 24

A mellow, light-weight harp approved for the International Harp Therapy Programme.

Make: Noteworthy; Height: 77cm; Weight: 3kg

Christina 25

A therapy harp designed to benefit both the player and the listener.

Make: Triplett; Height: 86cm; Weight: 3.2kg

Saul 25

A high tension, ideal practice harp for pedal harpists.

Make: Aoyama; Height: 79cm; Weight: 4kg

Travel Harps

These are small harps for beginners and young children, as well as more experienced harpists who would like an easily portable instrument for travelling. Smaller harps are increasing in popularity and many pieces arranged for small string compasses are being published. These harps are ideal for harp therapy, busking, travelling and practising.

Ravenna 26

An affordable travel harp packed with innovative features.

Make: Dusty Strings; Height: 98-128cm; Weight: 6.3kg

FH 26

A high performance, portable 26 string harp with a strong, resonant sound.

Make: Dusty Strings; Height: 100/124cm; Weight: 5.9-7.7kg

Juno 27

With its detachable legs, it can accomodate the growth of a young harpist - and is great for the travelling harpist.

Make: Salvi; Height: 97.5cm; Weight: 6.5kg

Electric Harps

Electric harps make minimal sound of their own and, like an electric guitar, are designed to be played through an amplifier.

Thus, they suit any harpist looking to do things a little differently! Their sound can be processed electronically, allowing limitless sound possibilities. They can be played with a strap or on a stand and, small and lightweight, they can come with you across the stage and become part of the act.

Delta Electric

The Delta Electric brings together centuries of traditional craftsmanship into a solid body with cutting-edge audio technology for a professional sounding instrument with smooth playability..

Make: Salvi; Height: 116cm; Weight: 6.5kg

Entry Level Harps

34 strings are standard for educational use.

Entry level harps are built to combine musicality and functionality with affordability. Many new harpists (or their parents) would prefer to avoid serious financial investment until they are certain that the harp is really the instrument for them. However, few players will progress on an instrument that sounds unattractive and fails to stay in tune. A good student harp will be reliable, comfortable and enjoyable to play with a pleasing tone.

Hempson 34

An affordable, entry level 34 string harp for educational use.

Make: Elyisan; Height: 121/145cm; Weight: 12kg

Lever Harps

34 strings has become the standard compass for lever harps. This size affords the best combination of portability and comfort while playing, with a generous compass which is suitable for the vast majority of lever harp pieces. It is possible to take exams at grade 8 level and beyond on a 34 string lever harp.

Our 34 string lever harps come with removable legs (the Ravenna 34 also features an additional adjustable cello style leg). These legs raise the height of the harp when playing, if required: they can be easily removed for transporting the harp in its carry bag. We stock lever harps with nylon and with gut strings.

Kerry 34

Aoyama’s most popular lever harp combines a brilliant tone with graceful contours.

Make: Aoyama; Height: 121/145cm; Weight: 12kg

Ravenna 34

The distinctive Dusty Strings sound in a stylish, affordable 34 string harp.

Make: Dusty Strings; Height: 124 -184cm; Weight: 8.6kg

Boulevard 34

A high tension gut strung lever harp with a pedal harp feel from Dusty Strings.

Make: Dusty Strings; Height: 125 – 185cm; Weight: 10.9kg

Crescendo 34

An ideal mid-price choice for people who are balancing sound, cost and size.

Make: Dusty Strings; Height: 123/135cm; Weight: 9.5kg

Mia 34

A quality student harp with a rich, clear sound that is built to be light and compact for ease of portability.

Make: Salvi; Height: 123cm; Weight: 10kg

Gaia 38

Created to prepare students for the pedal harp, the Gaia 38 has pedal harp string tension, spacing and gauge.

Make: Salvi; Height: 131cm; Weight: 11kg

Titan 38

A solid and reliable harp, created for students who need a full compass of over 5 octaves..

Make: Salvi; Height: 150cm; Weight: 12.5kg

Performance Lever Harps

Performance harps are built to fulfill the demands of discerning players, who have exacting needs when it comes to tonal qualities, reliability, playing comfort and portability. These harps have a full, resonant sound with adequate volume and projection. Tuning stability and good regulation are a necessity, as are good string spacing and tension. Performance harps often incorporate design features which optimise playing comfort: these vary from maker to maker.

Advanced players need to transport harps on a regular basis and performance harps should be lightweight compared to student harps of a similar size.

The aesthetic of the harp is important too. While styling is mainly a personal preference, many advanced players desire harps to be finished with specially selected high quality natural woods. 

FH 34

All-solid-wood harp with a clear, resonant sound, along with easy portability and stylish appearance.

Make: Dusty Strings; Height: 135cm; Weight: 10-12.7kg

FH 36 H

Stunning performance, top quality lever harp for discerning players, featuring the characteristic bright and clear Dusty Strings sound.

Make: Dusty Strings; Height: 137cm; Weight: 11.3-13.6kg

FH 36 S

High performance, superior quality harp, with incredible depth, power, responsiveness and articulation.

Make: Dusty Strings; Height: 137cm; Weight: 11.3-13.6kg

Donegal 34

The Donegal 34 represents the revival of the Celtic harp tradition. This instrument is ideal for folk music; it is lightweight, portable and fitted with professional levers and the option of interchangeable legs. The carbon fibre strings are low tension and create a crystal, clear and well balanced sound.

Make: Salvi; Height:; Weight: 10.5kg

Una 38

Lightweight and portable, the new 38-string Una features a captivating Celtic design and unique Silkgut® Copper strings that remove any musical “jump” from wire to non-wire strings.

Make: Salvi; Height: 136.5cm; Weight: 11.6kg

Ana 40

A quality choice for students wanting to progress to a pedal harp and for harpists looking for a sound similar to a small pedal harp.

Make: Salvi; Height: 160cm; Weight: 20kg

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