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Harpists in Modern Rock and Pop Music

Our article on the rise of the use of the Harp in Modern Rock and Pop Music prompted a huge response, with many suggestions of artists that could have been included. As a result, we have compiled the following list of artists who are currently working in this field. We hope that they will inspire other harpists to venture forth in the spirit of exploration and experimentation:

The Callen Sisters singer-songwriter duo with harp and guitar

Deborah Henson-Conant harpist-singer-songwriter who describes herself as “cross-genre: jazz-pop-comedy-folk-blues-flamenco-celtic”

Dee Carstensen harpist-singer-songwriter

Erin Hill – The Psychedelic Harp Girl harpist-singer-songwriter

Habiba Doorenbos harpist-singer-songwriter

Jharda harpist-singer-songwriter

Joanna Newsom harpist-singer-songwriter

Lucinda Belle harpist-singer-songwriter

Jennifer Crook harpist-singer-songwriter; performs with Snow Patrol

Lily Neill harpist-singer-songwriter

Phamie Gow harpist-singer-songwriter

Rhodri Davies harpist; performs/records with several bands including The Cinematic Orchestra and The Magic Numbers

Ricky Rasura harpist; performs/records with The Polyphonic Spree

Ruth Wall harpist; member of Fitkin Wall; performs/records with Goldfrapp

Serafina Steer harpist-singer-songwriter

Tom Monger harpist; member of Lunamoth; performs/records with Florence and the Machine

The Webb Sisters singer-songwriter duo with harp and guitar

Zeena Parkins harpist; performs/records with Björk, Jim O’Rourke, Fred Frith, Chris Cutler, Lee Ranaldo, Yoko Ono and Hole

The International Jazz Harp Foundation The mission of the International Jazz Harp Foundation is to strengthen the position of the harp in Jazz. Jazz in this context, is used as an all embracing term for jazz, pop, rock, singer-songwriter and other non-traditional harp styles and settings.

Thank you to everyone who suggested artists to us. We are sure there are many other artists that also could be included on this list. If you are or you know of a harpist singer-songwriter, or composer, working in the pop and rock field that should be included here, please let us know.

Read the original article on the Harp in Modern Rock and Pop Music.

Article from November 2011.