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Dusty Strings Tool Kit

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This handy custom kit of tools lets every Dusty harp owner manage all their harp adjusting needs: from replacing strings and lever cams, to regulating Loveland sharping levers. Slip it into your harp case pocket and have everything ready and waiting when you need to replace a string or tighten a lever. With these custom-designed tools and the included instructions, regulation and lever adjustments are within easy reach of any handy person wishing for a new level of independence.  Use the tool kit all on its own, or slip it into its own slot in the Musicians' Gig Bag, add the rest of your standard equipment and supplies, and be confident that you are fully equipped anytime you hit the road. Tool Kit includes:
  • Turned hardwood handle with magnetic hex tip which holds four custom tools used to adjust bridge pins and Loveland lever screws
  • Combination pliers and snips for removing broken strings and cutting string ends
  • 1/4" open end wrench for adjusting and replacing lever cams
  • Soft brush for keeping hardware clean and dust-free
  • Starter supply of string splines, leather washers, and eyelets
  • Zippered, microfiber zipper clutch to keep it all organized and secure
  • Loveland Sharping Lever Installation, Regulations & Adjustment 14-page booklet. With clear photographs and step-by-step instructions.
The Adjusting Loveland Levers pdf gives detailed instructions on how to regulate Dusty Strings Harps (fitted with Loveland Levers).

This may be a non-stock item which we will need to order in.

Suitable For : Dusty Strings Harps