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Dusty Strings Serrana 34 Lever Harp

Dusty Strings
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  1. #Serrana 34#
    Serrana 34 Lever Harp


    A Latin American style harp with a worldwide appeal.

    The Serrana 34 lever harp by Dusty Strings is based on their much-loved Ravenna 34.The Serrana 34 features a new, strong and lightweight carbon fibre pillar, along with the narrow string spacing and light string tension traditional in Latin American harps. It has a big and responsive sound across its 34-string range, yet weighs only 8.8kg. Two built-in extendable legs increase in handy 5cm increments.

    Mariachi is a form of folk music from Mexico that has become popular with school music programmes in the USA. Dusty Strings intended that the Serrana 34 would provide a reliable, affordable Mariachi harp for these programmes. However, soon Celtic harp players began to express an interest in the prototypes and Dusty Strings realised that the Serrana 34 had a much wider appeal than the Mariachi style harp they had originally conceived. Harpists were excited to know of a full-voiced harp that would be ideal for young students with small hands and for established players who prefer light string tension with narrow string spacing.

  2. #At a Glance#
    Serrana 34 At a Glance

    Maker Dusty Strings
    Type Lever Harp
    String Type Nylon (wire in bass)
    Ability Level
    124cm (legs add up to a further 43cm) approx
    Weight 8.8kg
    Compass 34 Strings (A1 - C6)*
    Soundboard: clear finished laminated Finland birch;
    Neck: laminated Finland birch with burgundy lacquer finish;
    Soundbox: laminated Finland birch with burgundy lacquered
    ash-grained vinyl veneer;
    Pillar: carbon fibre

    *compass explained
  3. #Included#
    Included with the Serrana 34

    Two Extendable Internal Legs
    Deluxe Carry Bag
    Tuning Key
  4. #Extras#
    Serrana 34 Extra Options

    Internal Mounted Pick Up System
    Using four carefully placed piezo pickup elements connected to a central rod, the Dusty Harp Pickup achieves a clean, focused, natural and lush sound. The pickup is discreetly mounted inside the soundbox of the harp, invisible to the audience. A single jack mounted on the back of the harp connects straight into a guitar amp or PA, making for true plug and play ease of use. The Internal Pick Up can be supplied pre-fitted, or can be retro-fitted. As of August 2012 all new Ravenna harps come with a pre-drilled, capped hole on the lower back of the harp, making it simple to retro-fit a pick-up, if desired.

    Internal Pick Up for Serrana 34: £315
    Pre-fitted Internal Pick-Up: £340
    Studio Stand: £90

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