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Dusty Strings Lever Caps

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These soft caps clearly mark your lever harp's C and F sharping levers for quick and easy lever changes.

Custom made in red, blue and black, these small vinyl caps are designed to press over the ends of Loveland lever handles. The red and blue caps clearly mark your C and F strings and provide a strong visual reference that can be a real help in low-light situations. The black caps cover the rest of the levers for a consistent look and feel. Lever caps also give the levers a softer, "grippier" feel.

Each package contains 33 black, 8 red and 8 blue caps - enough for a 40-string harp plus a few extras.

These levers caps are a good fit on the old style Loveland levers. They are a very tight fit on the newer style Loveland levers. (You can tell which levers you have as the red and blue dots are oblong on the new style and round on the old style.) While the lever caps do fit on the large-size Camac levers, they are too big to be a good fit on the smaller Camac levers (used on the upper strings.

Suitable For : Dusty Strings / Loveland Levers