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Dusty Strings FH 34 Lever Harp: Cherry with Camac Levers - in Stock

Dusty Strings
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In Stock
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  1. #FH 34#
    Dusty Strings FH 34 in Cherry

    This harp is in a Cherry finish with Camac levers.

    This new, all-solid-wood, 34 string lever harp delivers a bright, resonant and clear sound, along with easy portability and stunning appearance.

    Cherry wood has a lot of the characteristics of bubinga (depth, boldness and resonant bass), but also has some of the warmth and softness of walnut. Cherry could be thought of it as being between walnut and bubinga, but somewhat closer to bubinga.

    Like its cousin, the well loved FH36 harp, the FH34 satisfies both the professional and the beginner with its depth and power, and delights the eye with its committed craftsmanship and fine woodworking. A choice of five natural wood finishes offers the player subtle differences in appearance and tonal character.

    For playing comfort, Dusty Strings have added facets on the upper corners of the back. This hybrid-stave design avoids right-angled corners where the harp touches the player's arms and allows the player a longer and more comfortable reach.

    To keep the carrying size to a minimum, the FH34 includes an innovative stand. It has removable feet and nestles into the base of the harp, attaching in seconds with the twist of a knob and without needing to turn the harp upside down. For those who prefer a lower height, the harp balances beautifully on the ground without the stand.

    The FH34 delivers a superb combination of performance and portability in an elegant, comfortable and easy-to-manage harp.

    The images show the actual harp for sale.

  2. #At a Glance#
    FH 34 Cherry At a Glance

    Maker Dusty Strings
    Type Lever Harp
    String Type Nylon
    Ability Level
    With Legs: 135cm
    Weight 11.3kg With Legs
    Compass 34 Strings (A1 - C6)*

    Sapele / Maple / Bubinga / Walnut / Cherry

    *compass explained
  3. #Videos#
    FH 34 Cherry Videos

  4. #Included#
    Included With The FH 34 Cherry

    Detachable Feet and Stand
    Quality Heavy Duty Carrying Case
    Matching Wood Tuning Key
  5. #Extras#
    FH 34 Cherry Optional Extras

    Choice of Black Finish
    Dusty Strings FH 34 and FH 36 models now also come in a high quality silk black finish. Make your choice of wood based on the tonal qualities you desire and Dusty Strings will then finish the harp in black for you.

    Choice of Levers
    All Dusty Strings harps are supplied with high quality Loveland levers as standard. However, new FH34 and FH36 models can be ordered with Camac levers. 
    Camac Levers: £280

    Gut Strings

    Internal Pick Up

    Using four carefully placed piezo pickup elements connected to a central rod, the Dusty Harp Pickup achieves a clean, focused, natural and lush sound. The pickup is discreetly mounted inside the soundbox of the harp, invisible to the audience. A single jack mounted on the back of the harp connects straight into a guitar amp or PA, making for true plug and play ease of use. The Internal Pick Up can be supplied pre-fitted, or can be retro-fitted by anyone with a basic grasp of DIY.
    Internal Pick Up for FH 34: £315
    Pre-fitted Internal Pick-Up: £340

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