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Dusty Strings Ergonomic Tuning Key

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Ergonomic Dusty Strings tuning key. All Dusty Strings tuning keys are made with an eight-point star tip (rather than a square tip), which allows you to seat the tuning key on the square end of the tuning pin in less than one-eighth of a turn and makes the process just a little faster and easier. The tip is engineered to be .004" larger than the pin, large enough to seat easily but tight enough to prevent tuning pin wear.



  • Ergonomically Shaped Handle for Maximum Comfort
  • Light Wood Finish
  • 4.6mm Approx
  • Weight : 83.5g
  • Suitable For : Ravenna 26-34 / Crescendo 32-34 / Boulevaard / FH34  / FH36B / FH36S