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Crescendo 34 with Camac Levers & Gut Strings - in Stock

(Code: M625376)
In Stock
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  1. #Crescendo 34#
    Crescendo 34 - Camac Levers Harp

    The Crescendo 34 is an ideal mid-price choice for people who are balancing sound, cost and size. It features solid wood for the neck, back and sides and affords a clear, articulate, bright sound, with a deep, resonant bass.

    This harp is the same overall size as its 32-string predecessor, but now goes down to the low C. Dusty Strings have added facets on the upper corners of the back to allow an easier reach to the lower strings and enhance playing comfort.

    To keep the carrying size to a minimum while giving maximum flexibility of playing height, the Crescendo 34 includes an innovative removable stand. This nestles into the base of the harp, attaching in seconds with the twist of a knob and without having to turn the harp upside down. For those who like a lower height, the harp balances perfectly on the ground without the stand.

    These are photographs of this particular harp.

  2. #At a Glance#
    Crescendo 34 - At a Glance

    Maker Dusty Strings
    Type Lever Harp
    String Type Bow Brand Lever Gut, Dusty String Nylon Wrap and Dust Strings Bass Wires
    Ability Level
    123cm (135cm with stand)
    Weight 9.5kg
    Compass 34 Strings (A1 - C6)*
    Neck, Pillar, Back, Sides: Sapele. Soundboard: Finland Birch Plywood

    *compass explained
  3. #Videos#
    Videos - Not this particular harp

  4. #Included#
    Included with the Crescendo 34

    Four Matching Detachable Legs
    Quality Heavy Duty Carrying Case
    Tuning Key
  5. #Extras#
    Crescendo 34 - Extra Options

    Internal Pick Up
    Using four carefully placed piezo pickup elements connected to a central rod, the Dusty Harp Pickup achieves a clean, focused, natural and lush sound. The pickup is discreetly mounted inside the soundbox of the harp, invisible to the audience. A single jack mounted on the back of the harp connects straight into a guitar amp or PA, making for true plug and play ease of use. The Internal Pick Up can be supplied pre-fitted, or can be retro-fitted by anyone with a basic grasp of DIY.

    Internal Pick Up for Crescendo 34: £250