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ABRSM Harp Grade 6 Syllabus


THREE PIECES: one from each of the three lists: A, B and C.

List A

Pedal Harp Only
Blow: Mortlack's Ground - Anthology of English Music 2
Cabezón: Pavane and Variations -  Spanish Masters
J. L. Dussek: Sonatina no.6 in Eb - 6 Sonatines
Handel: - Gigue
Parry: Sonata no.1 in D, Allegro - Anthology of English Music 3
Rameau: Tambourin - Solos for the Harp Player
Scarlatti: Sonata in A - 2 Sonatas

Non-Pedal Harp Only
Anon: Bean Dubh an Ghleanna - Sounding Harps 3
Anon: Shule Aroon - Treasures of the Celtic Harp
J. C. Bach: Presto - Pièces Classiques 5
Kelly: Interlude - The Irish Harp Book

List B

Pedal Harp Only
Britten: Interlude - A Ceremony of Carols
Lewis: Blue Fiver - Saturday Night Jazz Suite
Mancini: Moon River - All-Time Jazz Favourites
Salzedo: Polka - Suite of Eight Dances
Thomas: Bugeilio'r Gwenith Gwyn
Tournier: Les Enfants à la Crèche de Noël - 3 Images: 2nd Suite
Tournier: Prélude no.3 in Eb OR no.4 in Gb - 4 Préludes

Non-Pedal Harp Only
McNulty: Berceuse -The Irish Harp Book
O'Carolan: Planxty Johnston - Sounding Harps 3
O'Farrell - The Night in Bethlehem (O.P)
Ortiz: Danza de Luzma (advanced version) - International Rhythmic Collection 1
Ortiz - Tu Ventana (advanced version) OR The Butterfly Trees - International Rhythmic Collection 2

List C

Pedal and Non-Pedal Harp
Alberti - No. 5 OR No. 6 - 10 Etudes Progressives et Techniques
Concone: No.5  - 30 Etudes Progressives 1
Damase: No. 7 OR No. 10 - 10 Etudes Faciles et Progressives
Heller: Etude in C Op.45 no.1 - Etudes for Concert or Celtic Harp
Shaljean: Prelude in A minor - 12 Preludes for Concert or Celtic Harp

Pedal Harp Only
Bochsa: No. 1 OR No. 2 - 50 Etudes 1
Damase:  No. 5 OR No. 6 - 12 Etudes pour Harpe
Dizi: No. 7 - 48 Etudes 1
Pozzoli: No. 12 OR No. 21 - Studi di Media Difficoltà

Scales and Arpeggios

Scales and Arpeggios Grades 6-8 for Pedal Harp or Non-Pedal Harp


Specimen Sight-Reading Tests

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