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Restrictions on Bubinga Wood

Due to new CITES (
Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) regulations which came into effect on January 2nd 2017 there are certain restrictions on the importation and exportation of rosewood instruments. This includes bubinga wood, which is an option for Dusty Strings' FH 34 and FH 36 harps.

Dusty Strings are working with the responsible agencies in order to obtain the relevant permits they would require to export Bubinga harps, but this could take a few months.

If you have any queries about the availability of bubinga harps, please contact us directly on 01367 860493.

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Nansi Richards Yr Ysgoloriaeth / Scholarship

The Scholarship is open to any harpist under the age of 25 years, who are either born in Wales or live in Wales.

The value of the Scholarship at the moment is £1,500 which must be used for further training on the harp.

Visit for more information.

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Claire Jones International Harp Course

8th - 15th April 2017
Cardigan Castle, Pembrokeshire

This years teaching team is Claire Jones, Chris Marshall and Kathryn Rees-Peak.

This is a non-residential course with a lunchtime meal provided. Classes will be finished by 5.00pm each day. Students will be expected to bring their harp, stool and music stand.

Course fee will be £300 with a non refundable deposit of £50 to confirm your place.

For further information please contact Marshall Jones Music -

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Wales Harp Festival

12th - 13th April 2017
Y Galeri, Caernarvon

The Harps of Ireland and Wales.

Celebrating the harp and its music in the two Celtic countries.

During the two-day Harp Festival, there will be opportunities to receive individual tuition, perform in ensembles, and listen to performances by leading musicians. Classes will be given by experienced and distinguished harp teachers from Ireland and Wales.

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The Time Traveller's Guide to the Mediaevel Harp in England

22nd April 2017
Clive Morley Harps, Goodfellows, Filkins, Lechlade, Glos GL7 3JG

A hands-on and fun day with Sarah Deere-Jones looking into this fascinating and neglected subject!

‘Many people are not aware that the harp has been played in England since the 10th century, come and discover how monks, Kings and travelling storytellers all loved and used the harp in England for 500 years’.

Over the past fifteen years Sarah Deere-Jones has been collecting images of the Medieval harp from England and collating them to do detailed research on construction techniques, playing techniques, status and use in society, and how all of these things changed and developed up unto the Elizabethan period.

The day consists of an illustrated lecture, (1 hour) using some of over 200 images – giving a comprehensive background on what is known about the harp in Medieval England. After this, in the first Workshop, (1 1/2 hrs) we will look more closely at some of the illustrations and what they may tell us about posture and finger and hand technique, we will discuss artistic interpretation and what can be concluded from these examples, and then using some written descriptions of harpers playing, we will try to play some simple scales, modes and chord patterns using these techniques to test them. In the 2nd workshop (1 1/2 hrs) we will look closely at the types of harp that were used in England during the middle ages, and what the illustrations, written descriptions, and the artists interpretations may be telling us about them. We’ll then play some simple English medieval tunes and discuss how they may or may not have been played on the harp.  Sarah will have sheet music of her arrangements of medieval music for harp for sale on the day, plus CDs of her playing. All music for the workshops will be provided on the day, and do not worry about sight-reading as it is all very simple.

The cost for the day is £20. You can bring your own harp or borrow a harp for £10.

Tea and coffee will be provided, but please bring your own lunch.

To book your place please e-mail or call 01367 860493. or Harp Anglica on Facebook

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Harp Meet and Retreat Monthly

Monthly from 8th May 2017 (2nd Monday of the month)

Crystal Palace, SE London

Fun, friendly, inspiring workshop for adults harpists (over 18) of all abilities.

The group will be hosted by Keziah Thomas and will include some ensemble playing and technical work. During the tea break there is a chance to informally perform a solo piece and then the group will welcome a guest tutor to lead a workshop in the second part of the evening.

All abilities and types of harps are very welcome.

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