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Second Hand Traditional 40 - Mahogany polish

(Code: SecondharpTrad40)
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This second hand Traditional 40 in mahogany polish was originally sold by us in 2005 and has been with the same owner since - and is for sale on behalf on the customer.

There is some minor cosmetic damage - about a dozen small scratches on the harp which have been coloured in.

There is a a small hair line crack in the 1st octave on the side of the semi tone levers - the neck is laminated ( made of different layers of wood with wood grain at different angles ) and it appears to only go through the outer laminate layer ( about 4-5mm ).  I have tried to show crack in photos - it may well be that thsi harp has been like this for many years un-noticed by owner - the small crack could be just seasonal movement of the outer layer of wood as the harp settled and more moisture comes out of harp being in a dry environment.

This harp has nylon strings and is similar in size to a Salvi Ana or LH Prelude.

The harp comes with a tuning key - but no covers. Harp available for collection only.

Please contact us for further information and availabilty.